Welcome to Manan Water PVT LTD.

Our journey began in 1992 when our forefathers left the Gujarat home state, in search of water and water scarcity area of North Gujarat and etc. area.

In 1992 selling drip irrigation systems to village to village in all over north Gujarat. the After graduate, Mr. Ajit b Patel , founded start business in Trading. , Jain irrigation system ltd agencies for drip and other items accessories were established in quick succession.

Today with over 20± committed employees strength all over India we have established our leadership in diverse products like Micro & Sprinkler Irrigation, filters in (3/4” to 3” both screen filter –disc filter ) with import also our own production


All Water is not found in its purest form in nature. It is always contaminated with physical, chemical & biological Materials. Proper filtration is of much importance to prevent low pressure like online dripper and emitting pipes from clogging. Our wide range of water filters (0111” TO 3”) are standing like watchdogs to protect your system from clogging hazards. Your water, media filters to remove organic impurities like algae, trash, leaves etc. from water and complete range of screen filters to remove any physical impurities from water are available in our filtration range. Stable performance maximum filtration efficiency and minimum maintenance are some of the common features of our filters. With no corrosion ,washable cartridge long time life.


Drip Irrigation System

As the world's population continues under pressure, more efficiency makes more sense than ever. At NETAFIM. We help our customers produce more yields and better crops with less resources.

Netafim is the global leader in smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions for a sustainable future. Since introducing the world's first drip irrigation solutions in 1965, we have led the way by developing products that help our customers optimize results.

Staff To Project

  • Projects division in Gujarat : Survey Engineers/ Design works
  • Projects division in filters in Karnataka’s and Telangana all over inda
  • Projects division in filter Madhya Pradesh
  • Projects division in filter sales and services all over india

All over Dealer networks

  • Gujarat
  • Karnataka
  • M.P
  • Telaganaga
  • Rajasthan
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Delhi
  • U.P

The Distinctive Advantage of our Reports are

  • Comprehensive coverage of property under consideration along with the locational advantages, supporting (positive) and offsetting (negative) factors associated with the property.
  • Color images and photographs of the Property so asto give complete representation of property to the Bank.
  • Furnish relevant court judgment ruling whenever and wherever applicable supporting ourvaluation.
  • Provide Forced Sale Value along with Fair MarketValue to enable the Bank to know the price under distress sale condition.

Firm Philosophy

Our Mission

Leave this world better than you found it.

Our Vision

Establish leadership in everything we do, at home and abroad.

Our Goal

Achieve continued growth through sustained innovation for total customer satisfaction and fair return to all other stakeholders. We meet this objective by producing quality products at optimum cost and marketing them at reasonable prices.

Guiding Principle

Toil and sweat to manage our resources of labor, material, and money in an integrated, efficient, and economic manner. We earn profit, and keep the commitment to special responsibility and environmental concerns.

Quality Policy

  • The Firm's quality edifice stands on the following pillars.
  • Total Commitment for customer satisfaction.
  • Protection and Advancement of environment.
  • Market Leader Ship.
  • Strive for Quality Services Excellence.

Our Commitment to quality is unflinching, Our hunger for growth isdeep· rooted and our capacity for details is amazing. Over the decades, we have demonstrated a rare resilience and fortitude .The firm is determine to improve Productivity and focus continuously on innovation and up­ gradation of its products and people.

Our Clients

Distributor list of company

  • Netafim irrigation India pvt ltd
  • Raj Polymers
  • Poonam industries
  • Hunter industries (usa)