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Provides Drip, Sprinkler, Mini Sprinkler, Pop Up System (manually or automatic), Green House Irrigation System for Landscape Irrigation purpose, and Net House both system with Drip Fogging system with Fertikit or Netajet Auto programme for, Fertigation Platform for irrigation, Fertigation, and Fogging Systems with continuous monitoring of PH and EC of irrigation water. The total system will be consisting of a mixingtank, irrigation pumps, hydraulic suction pumps,additive controllingvalves.

Valuation for loan, visa purpose, capitalgaintax and other application of Agriculture land and Building (govt. registervaluer).

Water measuring parameters with dedicated sensors, water flow measuring and electrical components to control desired parameters for irrigation quantity and frequency.

"Fit and forget" is the of 'Netafim Irrigation India Pvt. Ltd. A leading Israeli company in Agriculture Field Automation and a world leader in Irrigation and Fertigation Control Systems. What it really means is Netajet or Fertikit specializes in Computerized Control of Water Management in Irrigation and Agricultural of professional Irrigation Control Systems for Open Field Agriculture, Greenhoue aiculture and for Landscape Irrigation purpose.

The array of products offer automation solutions for Irrigation, Fertigation, online EC and PH control,Filtration Back Flushing,Drain Water Monitoring and Analyzing System, Water Recirculation System, Humidity and Temperature Control in Greenhouses, Remote Terminals (Wireless) Controls for largefields and other special purpose controls.

NETAJET products can now be found in more than 80 countries across 5 continents;proving its Reliability, range of Features and Value for Money. Besides controllers. we also provide Netajet of Fertilizer Injectors and Aqanet of Irrigation Valves.

About Us

We are one of the leading Ahmedabad Registered Government Valuer certified in the field of real Estate, Agriculture Land over 25 years. We always guides us to provide our clients with best solution that makes their real estate holding more productive ,economically efficient and also keeps them coming back to us. In these 25 years we have also diversified our company into related valuation fields. In these years we have built 10up a strong team of well qualified and experienced people inthis field.

The firm has worked for a wide range of clients including Banks and financial Institutions, Developer and Promoters,Various Organizations and high courts. We are doingvaluation of Land & building (other than Agricultural Land),Techno-Economicfeasibility reports etc.

Our offices at Satellite Road and Bopal is lead by two individual's Mr. B.H. Patel (M.Sc Agri.Chartered Engineer & Regd. Govt. Valuer) the authorized signatory of the firm and Mr. Ajit B. Patel, Bachelor Irrigation Water management & Civil in MS University . Joint Director of Agriculture Department.


Drip Irrigation System

As the world's population continues under pressure, more efficiency makes more sense than ever. At NETAFIM. We help our customers produce more yields and better crops with less resources.

Netafim is the global leader in smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions for a sustainable future. Since introducing the world's first drip irrigation solutions in 1965, we have led the way by developing products that help our customers optimize results.

The Distinctive Advantage of our Reports are

  • Comprehensive coverage of property under consideration along with the locational advantages, supporting (positive) and offsetting (negative) factors associated with the property.
  • Color images and photographs of the Property so asto give complete representation of property to the Bank.
  • Furnish relevant court judgment ruling whenever and wherever applicable supporting ourvaluation.
  • Provide Forced Sale Value along with Fair MarketValue to enable the Bank to know the price under distress sale condition.

Firm Philosophy

Our Mission

Leave thisworldbetterthanyou found it.

Our Vision

Establish leadership inwhatever we do at home and abroad

Our Goal

Achieve continued growth through sustained innovation for total customer satisfaction and fair return to all other stakeholders. Meetthis objective by producing quality products at optimum costand marketingthemat reasonable prices.

Guiding Principle

Toil and sweat to manage our resources of men, material and money in an integrated, efficient and economic manner. Earnprofit, keeping inview commitment to specialresponsibility and environmentalconcerns.

Quality Policy

  • The Firm's quality edifice stands on the following pillars.
  • Total Commitment for customer satisfaction.
  • Protection and Advancement of environment.
  • Market Leader Ship.
  • Strive for Quality Services Excellence.

Our Commitment to quality is unflinching, Our hunger for growth isdeepĀ· rooted and our capacity for details is amazing. Over the decades, we have demonstrated a rare resilience and fortitude .The firm is determine to improve Productivity and focus continuously on innovation and upĀ­ gradation of its products and people.